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Cons of Owning Odessa Rental Properties Out of State

Owning rental properties out of state is a common real estate strategy that many believe are cheap investments that yield more profits.

Posted by Thousand Hills Properties on June 16, 2021
Cons of Owning Odessa Rental Properties Out of State

You may think that owning rental properties out of state is a sensible investment. After all, you must have bought your Odessa rental property at a great deal because you lived out of state. However, you should understand that the cons of owning Odessa rental properties while out of state can sometimes outweigh its pros.

Owning rental properties out of state is a common real estate strategy that many believe are cheap investments that yield more profits. Some people take advantage of cost differences in each state and buy cheaper properties out of state instead of settling with expensive home state prices. Then, they would rent out these properties while they live outside of the state.

This article presents some reasons to consider selling the rental properties you own in Odessa while you live out of state instead of holding on to them.

Inconsistent State Laws

The fact that different states have different laws is a given. If you live outside of Odessa and have rental properties in the state, you risk facing legal conflicts especially if you are unfamiliar with the local housing market laws.

Granted, you must have done research prior to owning your Odessa property that you rent out. Still, laws change and may leave you vulnerable when you do not keep up with the local real estate scene.

Suppose you rent out your Odessa property for extra income. Without your knowledge, the state made a recent amendment to its local housing market laws. You could face legal troubles from the state and your tenant if you were careless.

If you were only after profits, you would have made more from selling the property entirely. Plus, you would have avoided legal repercussions.

Distance Limitations

If you own a Odessa property while living in a different state, you do not have immediate access to your property should it face any onsite issue. Suppose a tenant complains about leaky pipes. You would not be immediately available to examine the issue yourself, leaving you in the dark of what exactly is going on in your property.

If you have to physically inspect the issue, you would have to spend time and resources for interstate travel. By the time you get to Odessa, the issue may have worsened to the point of extra costs. You also risk being in legal trouble since your tenants may hold you liable for failing to provide optimal living conditions.

Suppose you have a trusted repair person on retainer to handle such situations. That may solve the problem of being physically unavailable to inspect your property’s condition. However, this solution essentially transfers the expenses you would spend for travel into repair services. Thus, extra costs remain unavoidable when you hold on to your out-of-state property.

Sell Your Odessa Rental Properties Out of State

Reassess your reasons for keeping your rental properties out of state. If you are holding on to your Odessa property while you live in another state because of extra income, consider selling your property for instant cash instead.

Save yourself the trouble of understanding the housing market laws of other states and get a cash offer on your Odessa rental property instead. In as early as two weeks, we can buy your property for what it is worth.

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