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How to Sell a Fixer Upper Fast in Odessa

Six things you can do to sell a fixer upper in Odessa, Texas and make your house more attractive to the buyers.

Posted by Thousand Hills Properties on October 18, 2020
How to Sell a Fixer Upper Fast in Odessa

Not every house in Odessa is something you see on HGTV, and no matter what condition your house is in, selling a house is difficult. The process becomes even more difficult if the property needs major repairs or significant updating. While some Odessa buyers are willing to take the risk that comes with buying a house that needs repairs, many will want you to invest money and effort into making costly and time-consuming fixes before they ever consider making an offer.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to make your fixer-upper property in Odessa more attractive to the house buyers. Here are some tips and tricks on how to sell a fixer upper house fast!

Tips to Sell A Fixer Upper House Fast in Odessa, Texas

Increase Curb Appeal

Increasing your home’s curb appeal will go a long way in helping you sell the property quickly. Luckily, improving the curb appeal is also an inexpensive way to increase the home’s value. It takes time, energy and effort but can be done without breaking the bank.  

Doing things like light landscaping, manicuring the grass, pulling the weeds, or planting some new flowers can dramatically improve the house’s appearance. Taking it a step further, doing things like washing the windows and cleaning the glass around the house are also easy and incredibly effective ways to make the property look better in the eyes of Odessa buyers.

Other simple ways you can increase your houses curb appeal include:

  • Fresh coat of paint to the front door and window trims
  • Installing flower boxes
  • Planting a tree or shrubs
  • Installing a new mailbox (or painting the original one)
  • Replacing or adding new mulch

Make Minor Repairs

Just because your house is a fixer upper doesn’t mean you have to do ALL the repairs to the property. Instead, you can make minor repairs that won’t cost you a small fortune. When picking and choosing these projects, some items to look at are stains on carpets, floors, tubs or toilets, repairing broken hinges or doors, patching holes in walls, or replacing handles or knobs on kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Simple repairs like these could help increase your property’s value.

Highlight Your Home’s Strengths

Even if you’re selling a home in Odessa that needs many or major repairs, you can still focus on the strengths of the property. This could include the house’s floor plan, location, backyard, closet space, or any other features that makes it more appealing to potential buyers. While preparing the house to be shown, take the time to shine and spruce up these areas.

The features you highlight can be outside the home, too. Neighborhoods, parks, walk scores and school districts are all things that will be taken into account when buyers consider purchasing your home.

Reasons to Sell A Fixer Upper House Fast in Odessa

While you may want to make all the necessary repairs to your home, there are several reasons why you may need to sell your fixer upper as fast as possible, including:

  • Cannot afford it/Payments are too high
  • Insurance cancelled
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce costs
  • Moving for work/Relocating
  • Family Illness
  • Death in the family

Selling your house quickly, even if it’s in need of major repairs, can help get you the cash you need to pay for these expenses and more.  

If you decide doing the repairs and upgrades isn’t something you want to tackle and want a free “as-is” cash offer for your house, Thousand Hills Properties in Odessa will be happy to provide that for you.

Benefits to working with Thousand Hills Properties:  

  • NO closing costs
  • NO realtors or commission fees
  • NO listings and showings
  • NO hassles
  • CASH in your hands in as fast as SEVEN DAYS!

Contact Thousand Hills Properties today to sell your Odessa house.

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